If You are interested in the foreign rights for “Halana and the Tower of the Black Duke”, please contac my publishers “Gollensteinverlag”. For a little appetizer of the fantasy-story, You will find a translaition of the books first two pages from german to english on this website, also a translaiton of the blurb, some english remarks about the heroes of this story and about Halanas universe. Furthermore You can surfe throug the english version of this homepage, beginning at the front-page. If You have anny questions concerning the book, please feel free to contact me: marco-reuther@web.de Auch zu Fragen zum Auslandsrecht für deutschsprachige oder andere Länder nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit dem Verlag auf,                        , oder wenden Sie sich an mich, wenn Sie Fragen zum Buch haben: marco-reuther@web.de. Also for questions concerning the foreign rights for other countrys/languages please contact my publishers “Gollensteinverlag”. If You have questions concerning the book please contact me: marco-reuther@web.de