Here You will learn something about the important persons of „Halana and the Tower of the Black Dukes“, although about some more Heroes & Scoundrels in book II, „Halana and the Brother of the Sleeping Good“. Sometimes You will red behind a Name „I will not tell“, because it would be bad to spoil some surprises, if You read the book. (At the same reason not rely all figures are named in here, they – and You – will forgive me...) The Heroes … whereas „hero“ is a great word, isn’t it? All heroes in Halanas universe, after all, are still humans (oh well, the most at least), therefore they really are not free of weaknesses. And moreover Magus Prim has assures me – and he insists on it – that he is by no way a hero. Nevertheless You’ll find him in here – sometimes you have to ignore your figures. Halana, young female-warrior of Engaland, single mom, sees no reason to avoid a quarrel. Her origin is unknown at first, because she is a child of the Death-Zone – a narrow stretch of land at the impenetrable border of the Wizards-Land, where once 84 babies and toddlers had been found besides their dead mothers. Halana has dark-maroon hair with a barely perceptible reddish tinge, well shoulder-length and with the slightiest hints of curls. Small nose, turquoise-green eyes, her lips, she feels, are a little bit to full for the occupation as a warrior. Tanned complexion, musculature of someone, who has his sword not only for parades. Prim (Magus Prim),  wizard of the second belt, searching the Brother of the Sleeping Good, must bring him self to do. (More will not be lifted.) Hanumann once was a warrior.  But since he came back from a military campaign with one leg too little, he is a cook in the kings army. Since a common fight in the battle at the Little Horn a good friend and companion of Halana. Giula Waterwomen, midwife and amputater in the king’s army, motherly friend of Halana, knows to make use of herbs and plants not only for healing... At the beginning of our story 48 years of age and ready do take a very young naughty warrior under her wings. Lusian, black curls, skilful warrior and – after all had started with a brawl – best friend and sword-sister of Halana. She would die for Halana. Because she loves her. The little- and the ring finger of her right Hand went astray in a fight, but without problems she reskilled herself to left-hand-killing.   Ruff, Halanas son, father unknown. Unfortunately his childly courage sometimes is quicker as his mind. Therefore he easily could become a good meal... Gupp the Older, a Sipp, leader of a group of jugglers and artists. Gupp the Younger, a Sipp, son of Gupp the Older, amongst other things jongleur. Gupp the Very Young, a Sipp, twin-brother of Gupp the Younger, amongst other things jongleur. Lugta, called „the Lovely Lugta“, a Sipp, sister of Gupp t.Y. and Gupp t.V.Y., tightrope walker. If she is also good with a bow, alas, first will be seen in the second book, “Halana and the Brother of the Sleeping Good”. The Gupp-Siblings and their juggler-troop are some of the loyalst friends of Halana. May be because in the opinion of the warrior the Sipps are equally entitled citizens – not only some of her contemporaries see it an other way. Skrumps, a D’Goristi… (more will not be told...)   Tingli, from the steppe-people of the Chrrrr, chubby-cheeked girl with a shock of tousled hair, may be a little bit older than Ruff. She would... well, not really put her hand in a fire for this strange pale-skinned and longnosy boy. Tingli and her older brother Bronn are orphans since her mother messed with some wolves (what gave her an honorary-place in the Tribes-Tent – at least partial). A family in the wandering-village of Chieftain Sssnrk had got the honour to look for the children. The Chieftain himself  assumed the good parenthood. Rrrricka, young Princess of the steppe (more will not be told...). The Scoundrels Duke Cosa, although called the Black Duke. Cosa I., emperor of the Black Lands, is 41 years of age at his first appearance. “Duke Cosa I. once was a pretty youth with bold and even features, strong chin, aristocratic nose and short trimmed hair. Although as a man he probably could have been called good-looking, but his constant anger, his angry conviction, that half the world would deceive him and the other half would immediately kill him, if he wouldn’t be watchful and relentless every single second of the day, had cragged his face and drawn down his mouth’ corners. It had been years since he was seen the last time without his chain armour outside his chambers. A stinging, cold gaze surely would have been appropriate for his blue eyes, but they were empty, his eyes, hiding the thoughts behind. Only if he had one of his feared outbursts of fury, this eyes seemed to burst into flames. Duke Cosa was although a great man – if you see it bodily: He reached nearly 1,90 meter, and he was broad- shouldered, strong and very versatile. Soon in his early childhood he was doing exercises with the sword and other weapons, to which he claimed his fists.  Liebrose von Burgis (”Goodrose of Burgis”). “The door at the other side opened and SHE entered the room, wearing a plain linen dress reaching down to the bottom and a white linen bonnet on her head.” Liebrose is the grandmother (on the mother’s side) of Cosa I. When she enters our story, she is at least 70 years of age, but still with a high agility, and her acuteness of mind is only surpassed by her abysmal malignance. Liebrose is an affected follower of the Brotherhood of the Eleven Commandments and she is convinced the best way to bestow appreciated honour to the Great Destroyer is the shedding of streams of blood – the more the better (of course except for her own blood). Junas von Anselm, great tactician and plotter in the Dukes services. It’s said, he was born in the Deunish Town-Union, but he sells his talent like a mercenarian to the highest bidder. Junas is vain, he is nearly bursting with self-confidence and he has no scruple to play both sides of the fence. At the beginning of our story he’s seen about 45 summers. He is grown high and dressed elegant in the newest fashion with a white velvet-shirt, a green brocade-vest, and even in the hall he wears an appropriate barrette. Halana has an objection against his experiments with four- and two-legged guinea pigs and therefore soon she has a score to settle with him. General Narsus, runtish, most important Commander of the Black Duke.  Sorna, Captain of the station in Cosas castle Vand. Tankred von Weiher (”Tankred of the Pond”), better known as  Tankred Ten Heads, origin unknown, boss of a bunch of  bounty-hunters, paid by the Black Duke. Tankred is great in statue with a bony body and horsey teeth. He’s wearing a long fur-coat and a round Helmet with a long plume of horsehair. His personal best performance: ten heads in one year. Motto: scruples disturbs. Der Gelb (”The Yellow”) has a good appetite… Highest Mrr (Shaman) of the Lrrk (the Lrrk are a people of the steppe). „In company of two warriors an unbelievable fat, little man waddled puffing into the fence. He was wearing an expensive ermine cloak, which was nearly reaching to the ground and which gave him in combination with the high ermine hat a conical appearance. Reaching the shoulders, some soundering greyish-black hair was looking out from under the hat. Around his neck he was wearing a collar, fussy with little bones, petite stones, conches and feathers. Moreover in his right hand he held a human tight bone on which’s upper end there was fastened a cats scull without lower jaw. A ridiculous goatee was sitting under padded lips in the middle of the small chin, and two black lines were drawn across each of the plump cheeks. His piggy little eyes flashes angry, as he bossy and without greeting demanded to know: ‚Who allowed it to you, to disturb the Chieftains peace without my consent?’”   The Grey between Are they good? Are they bad? I’m not gonna blow! Ruben, warrior of Engaland, agent and scout, Halanas Lover and ???? When Halana met him the first time in a military-camp, she noticed: „…he was looking good, sitting there with naked chest and arms.  A wooden jug beside on the floor, he was oiling his sword in a relaxed attitude. May be he was a little older than Halana, who meanwhile has reached her 25. year of live. And his muscles were exactly the way the warrioress liked them: hard, but not over-sophisticated or bulging out.” Barrkaron, from the step-people of the Lrrk. As oldest son of the chieftain, he himself actually would have been his successor. But in the opinion of his people he is disfigured with a physical deficiency. So he was excludes from the succession and at last outlawed, and the dignity being a chief went to his younger sister Nuré. Berthold: a Warrior, agent and scout attendant to Engaland. May be, he got mixed up with the wrong people... The nameless jester of Duke Cosa – will he be the traitor of the Duke? Or the traitor of Halana? Or may be... of both? A stocky young man with a skin nearly as white as snow, shoulder length, white fair hair and slightly askew standing eyes, as a jester colourful dressed, on his head a flat leathern cap with some little bells sewn on at its sides. Sometimes his jokes are dangerous – not least for himself. Puth’O, a high-ranking wizard of the First Belt and member of the Konkur. He was not jet 50 Years old, but with to early furrowed face, nearly grey hair and a big nose which told a tale that he was not averse of alcoholic drinks. Puth’O has a secret... Sssnrk, Chieftain of the Chrrrr, one of the four great step people. A sly fox, on the surface armed in a very martial way, but a Chrrrr in exile told me, that Sssnrk preferred to use his wits, not his weapons. In our story one learns to know about the nearly 60 year old man: “The olive-brown skin of his 1,70 meter great and muscular body was weather-beaten, his dense grey-brown hair was tied up to a pony-tail. Dark, very slightly almond-shaped eyes were prominent over his high cheekbones. Under each one of this eyes there was a row of turquoise-blue tattoos, being made of different line-, cross- and dot-patterns. Each of these identical patterns started as a filigran line on the bottom eyelid, ran aside the small nose and the mouth corners and than down the throat. The man was wearing brown trousers of weaven cloth, moccasin-like shoes of strong leather and on his naked chest an open sheepskin waistcoat. His right arm was misshapened from quite a few deliberately affixed scars. But the things Giula mostly concerned were two special lather-belts, one on each upper leg: They were fastened diagonal, and out of each one there were sticking four grips of throwing knives, and in his right hand he was holding a broad shortsword, glistering in the  morning sun.” Timtom, citizen of the wizards land, but not being a wizard himself. Timtom is the servant of Magus Prim. He loves comfort and good meals. If there is something unknown to him, he prefers to see it dead, not alive.   The Illuminated, head of the order of the Eleven Commandments, “there couldn’t be told much about his visual appearance, because he was wearing a black cloak with a hoisted wide hood and on his face an also black mask with a long pointed nose. May be, the skin that was seen on the back of his hands allowed the conclusion, he had overrun his peak already some years ago. Furthermore his sounding voice was not the voice of a young man.” Halana & the Brother of the Sleeping Good:  Some more Heroes  & Scoundrels, albeit for which the curtain rises only in the second book: Princess Karandra, King Róges oldest daughter and although member of his brain trust. Single, refused the wedding proposal of Duke Cosa – and therefore You should remember very urgent: Don’t You tell ever her name if he is close unless You feel the urge to die quick and by violence. When Halana get to know Karandra, she was 32 years of age. The oldest Princess of Engaland is tall, with short hair of a very white blonde and even proportion of a nearly flawless beauty. Her sensuous lips and her bright green eyes she obviously hadn’t inherited from her father. Róge VI., King of Engaland, 56 years of age when Halana met him first. In public he adhered to the etiquettes, private, he stays loose and he’s not apprehensive to draw the blade by himself or to use a crown as a weapon. As a king he is distinguished of his way keeping countenance considering darkest doom – the question is indeed, if the posterity will get knowledge of this.   The Great Morlock, chief of the owl-men and the one who has a warm meal every time...  (there won’t be told more, but may be there is already).   K’zzzz, Chieftain of the Zzzzzt (one of the four biggest step people). He had learned to love the luxury of the civilized people, which is now more urgent to him than his proud. He even no longer shrinks back to break the taboos of his own people – that makes him extra hazardous. . . . and some others