When the Name of the first book, “Halana and the Tower of the Black Duke” was found, I had looked for pictures of impressive Towers. Here a little selection. Towers Landscapes, Moods, Storks... Here a little recommendation of a Fantasy-Romans, which, as far as I know, isn’t realy well known in Germany, but for me it was one of the novels which infected me with the fantasy-virus: “The Magicians” by James Gunn (orig. 1976, germ. 1979). Strictly speaking it’s a fantasy-crime-novel: A private detektive is send to a “Congress of Magicians”. Naturaly he thinks, this would be a meeting of people, performing just tricks and illusions. He realy is a little bit surprises when he must notice, that he has stumbled into a bunch of real wizards... When this book fall into my hands a lot of years ago, for me it was written very original and with good portion of wit.   FREE  PHOTOS