Wallace Monument, Scottland, build 1869.    Photo: Finlay McWalter Wallace Monument, Schottland, 1869,  northeast of Stirling on the hill Abbey Craig; build in memory of the Scotts freedom fighter William Wallace,  the „Braveheart“ of  the same-named film with Mel Gibson. Tourist-attraction and museum. (Who thinks, in „Halana“ there sometimes is rude stuff, should read how Wallace was executed at last in reality. Alas the reality makes the hardest stuff.) Photo: Finlay McWalter GNU (free dokumentation 1.2. or later) . Smailholm Tower, Scottland, about 8 kilometers in the west of Kelso. View from the east over the Lochan from the nearby Sandyknowe-Farm (where the writer Walter Scott  lived as a child). Foto: Dave Souza (licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license)   . Smailholm Tower, Scottland, 15. or early 16. century. Photo: Dave Souza Magdalen Great Tower, Oxford - Photo: Ozeye Orford Castle - Photo: Keith Roper ... would be glad about some more Tower-Photos: If You have photographed an impressive and/or original Tower and You would like to see it at this Homepage, mail the Foto with the name of the tower and the name of the photographer to: marco-reuther@web.de ...jesss, sometimes there is a castle mixed under. Wallace Monument Magdalen Great Tower, Bell-Tower and one of the oldest parts of Magdalen College in Oxford, built between 1492 und 1509. With 44 meters up to the tops, Oxfords highest building. In the foreground the botanic garden.   Foto: Ozeye GNU (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported . Magdalen College Orford Castle in the village Orford in Suffolk, England, build between 1165 and 1173 by order of King Henry II. Foto: Keith Roper (Liz. Creative Commons) . Orford Museum