Marco Reuther was born at the same, but fortunately not the identical day as J.R.R. Tolkien (exaktly 71 years later). He came into the World as a late consequence of a heavy flu (his father met his mother having a sick leave in Bavaria). Reuther was born in Saarbrücken, a German Town with a great number of pubs at the border to France. After testing a lot of different schools and making A level at the commercial high school in Saarbrücken he visitid the university in Trier (the oldest german town), studying politics, history of art and ethnology. Today Reuther lives with his wife and his daughter (and tomcat Schiller, who must be mentioned, says his daughter) in a small town in the German federal state Saarland. He is working as an editor in a local newsroom of the greatest daily newspaper in Saarland (o.k., it’s the only one). Reuther is writing since some years in the fantasy-genre, “Halana and the Tower of the Black Duke” and the second part, “Halana and the Brother of the Sleeping Good” (coming in autumn 2012) are his first publications. And some other stories are still spoiling in his head. As a writer of fantasy important to him are: adventure, an elaborated plot and may be some links to the real world. . Autor (links) und Lama Author (left) and lama   How the family of the  author became a part of the Decline of the West The Boss The Big Boss & The Boss  Fotos (5): Carmen Reuther ©