Heinrich von Ulmen (Henry of Ulmen), 21xGreat-Grandfather of the   Author, was a Member of the fourth crusade, which was the crusade  the Doge of Venice has “redirected” to Constantinople (now Istanbul),   which as well was a christan city-state. In the year 1204 Heinrich was   involved in the sacking  of the great city, after the conquest he even was   - for a short time - the town-commander in Constantinople. The former   Byzans never recovered from this capture and never won back it’s old   strengh. So even 150 years later it was so weakened, that the Ottomans   could conquer the town ultimately. And so, the last shelter of ancient   culture, of literature, arts and knowledges of the old Greeks and Romans,  was lost forever.  Thus, the family of the author had done her part to the Decline of   the West. So it’s high time to raise the level of culture a little bit   with a good fantasa-story...    The crusaders army is conquering Constantinople (miniature from Paris).  (1) Henry of Ulmens most famous war-booty,   stolen from the today Hagia Sofia (in his times the greatest christian church in the world), is the  “Limburger Staurothek”, a very valuable   cross-relique, today a part of the cathedral-treasure of Limbourg.   (1)