You have defiated the beast ! - Courageous ! Only the real heroe has the honour to solve the thee questions of the riddle: 1) On what weekday J.R.R.Tolkien was born? 2) What was it that Henry of Ulmen had stolen when the      crusaders were sacking Constantinople? 3) Which friend of Halana had lost a Leg in a battle?  (The answers of the questions 2 and 3 could be found somewhere in this homepage.) Under the right transmittals we ruffle – so what? – three copies of “Halana und der Turm des Schwarzen Herzogs” (”Halana and the Tower of the Black Duke”, only available in german). Please mail the answers to: Closing date: 15. May 2012 (No right of appeal. The writer and his bunch will not partipicate.)