By reserching for a novell, one comes across every now and then on wonderfull useless knowledge. This side is dedicated to useless knowledge. (Untill now there is not much to read on this side, but may be, it will grow.  And if You discover something really useless and if You want, You could send me some lines to: The Dunmore Pineapple - Photo: Giannandrea Wasserhuhn oder Blesshuhn - Foto: Richard Bartz * Sicher, der Wasserhahn ist kein Hahn, das ist ein alter Hut. Aber wussten Sie auch, dass das Wasserhuhn kein Huhn ist? Das Wasser- oder Blässhuhn gehört zur Famile der Rallen und zur Ordnung der Kranichvögel. * You think, only a cartoon-sponge can live in a pineapple?  That’s wrong. Bu if You think a real house with a pineapple-roof could only be found in Great Britain, then You be dead on. It’s said, „The Dunmore Pineapple“ in scotish Stirling could be rented for holidays... * A gangster who was captured by the police but can flee again, in German law couldn’t be punished for his successful escape. The German law in a certain kind of way sees the urge for freedom as the more important, natural right. Even a prisonbreak itself is not culpable, but thr impunity of course does not apply for all such things happening by an escape, for example injuring someone ore destroying something.  Christoph Columbus * Christoph Columbus... never was in Colombia. Simón Bolívar * Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar  Palacios y Blanco (1783-1830) is the only freedom-fighter, who still lived when a country was named after him. * The first nonstop-flight crossing the Atlantic Ocean... that was in 1927 Charles Lindberg, wasn’t he? Sorry, Lindberg was the first who made it allone, but eight years before him the Atlantic was crosses nonstop (from west to east) by the British Pilots John Alcock and Arthur Brown. Strangely in the collective memory (at least out of England) only Lindberg was kept stucking. (Book-recommendation: “Die Sieger” [”The Winner”] by Wolf Schneider. It deals with the question, why some people get famous and others get forgotten. As far as I know, alas, it’s not available in English.)   Alcocks and Browns airplane after their landing. Sorry, this one works only in German