Are YOU a heroe? Can You stand the hard way? Can You handle with a monster? Be shure. Because only then You should go ahead, to a dangerous journey, searching for the RIDDLE that is hiding in this homepeage. But belive me: It’s not easy! Here comes the first clue: Most cows make just moo and are rehashing hey, but the cow that I mean will show You the way: She lies on no pillow but stands on her willow she looks to the corner of here fences oher side and in this corner the secrete door opens wide. No need to say “Speak friend an enter” just let say Your mouse “Click”, and the door will surrender. And now hush hush go to work, because there is waiting a great price. Silver? Gold? Diamonds? No, much better: If there should be Fantasy-Friends which survive the search for the Riddle and can mail us the right answers, then thee of them will be drawn lots for, and each of this tree will get – TA-TAAA – an exemplar of “Halana und der Turm des Schwarzen Herzogs” (”Halana and the Tower of the Black Duke” - only available in german).